Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are you obsessed?

Love movies?

Watch TV more than you should?

Wish someone out there would tell you the truth about movies with no objective? Someone who can tell you weather something stinks or is worth your ever dwindling time in life?

We are all dying, after all...

Love to discuss stars who think their actors?

Do you write screenplays and want to bash your head against the wall if you hear ONE MORE TIME you have no 'rising conflict' or your ending is 'weak'?

Does Jessica Lange's face lift depress you because once, just once, for a beautiful 7 years she was our best American screen actress?

Think DeNiro is overrated? (Hint: he is. I know. I used to work for him and I was very good friends with his father. Oh, child, the things I could tell you about THAT family...).

Wish Val Kilmer would lose weight? Do you have any idea who Val Kilmer is?

Did you know movies can change your life in under 2 hours. Cheaper and more effective than 25 years of therapy.

Do you want to know more?

Do you?

Come with me...join in the discussion.

This is only the beginning.

Your Movie God

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